Hi, my name is Apolline and I’m French. I was born and raised in the suburb of our beautiful capital, Paris. I’m a twenty one years old film student by day and a concert addict by night. I aspire to become a travel photographer and videographer in the music industry. I’ve already shoot many bands and filmed a few shows since I started this activity in May 2015, and I hope to make a living out of it someday. In the meantime, I spend all of my free time shooting friends and places I visit, editing pictures on Lightroom, going to rock shows weekly with my camera and being on set of short movies with my school. While I’m still living in Paris to study videography at the SAE Institute, I enjoy travelling in Europe by my own to explore, take pictures and follow my favorite bands on tour. Some of my favorite cities include London and Amsterdam, but I will never love them as much as I love the French Alps where I’ve spent every summer of my life.


I feel the need to tell you that I’m a huge dog lover and tattoo artwork amateur, that I’m really good at baking cookies, that I spend most of my money on Lush skincare products and that there’s nothing I love more than taking a nap in the sun after a long bike ride in the forest. I’m obsessed with the history of skateboarding in California in the 70’s, and all the photographies from that era I could find really gave me the love that I have today for documenting life and events through pictures and videography. My favorite movie is naturally Lords Of Dogtown but I’m also a fan of Lords Of The Rings and pretty much every Studio Ghibli’s movies. I love physical activities like running and yoga just as much as I love spending days in bed watching TV shows, trying really hard not to watch my favorite one over and over again (it’s Breaking Bad).


I created this website in 2013 to share my work online and write about the things I like. I hope you’ll enjoy some of the stuff you’ll see, and if you do I will really appreciate your comments even if it’s just to say hello. Feel free to follow me on other social media where I post a lot of my photos and try to be funny at the same time (I swear I am . . . sometimes).




I've been studying film since 2014, currently at the SAE Institute Paris to obtain my Digital Film Making Bachelor. While I'm mainly interested in photography and a self-taught photographer, I'm glad I studied videography in school and have now the knowledge to be a qualified camera assistant with experience in lighting, production and video editing as well.



I've started bringing my camera to shows in 2015 and never stopped since. I've had the opportunity to work with many bands, go on tour, shoot live shows, studio sessions, behind the scenes and promo images.


I grew up with an instictive love for nature and animals. It's my favorite subject to shoot when I need some peaceful time away from the rock scene. I also volunteer in a dog shelter to take care of the pups waiting for a forever family.

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