I've been volunteering at a SPA (Société Protectrice des Animaux) shelter next to where I live since early 2017. I'm very passionate about animals and their well being, and working at this dog shelter has truly brought me so much happiness and knowledge about these kind creatures.


I go there at least one day a week, to walk the dogs to the park, play with them and help with the adoption process. I even fostered some puppies a few times.


I love taking pictures of the rescued dogs to spread them around social medias, it has really been helpful to give them some visibility and to get them adopted quicker. It fills me with so much joy every time one of our baby finds its forever family. Taking pictures of them is also a great way to make memories because we get so attached to them and we sometimes miss them a lot. I have also been taking pictures any times the shelter has an event.


Taking photos of pets is much harder than it looks, but also the funniest thing ever. I feel so blessed to meet so many beautiful and quirky animals, and anything I can do to make them happier makes me the happiest !